GrowerLive was developed by Innovative Technologies Group (Inntec),located in Tampa, Florida. Inntec has been developing software for growers since 1994. We worked mainly with the Florida-based Big Box Growers, providing software for inventory control, product allocation, and order processing. In mid 2002, we added remote access to the software using mobile devices.

Mobile access allowed growers and merchandisers to interact with the software in real-time. After the remote functionality was implemented, we realized growers needed to keep constant focus on what was going on internally, and remotely. Oracle had introduced the “Dashboard” concept and was offering it to large businesses. CEO’s and Managers were now able to keep tabs on sales and accounting with live data links.

Inntec took this Dashboard concept and implemented similar functionality into the software. In 2005, when Retail Garden Centers implemented Pay By Scan, Inntec was the first to add functionality to show store sales via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Inntec continued to perfect the application throughout the last 7 years resulting in a state-of-the-art application that has built a proven track record.

Today,GrowerLive is the most powerful and dynamic application for the Pay-by-Scan (consignment) selling and distribution process. GrowerLive is now supported on smart phones, iPhones, and iPads


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